GOBEES Weighted Fitness Hoop, Smart Exercise Hoop for Women & Kids Weight Loss, 2 in 1 Adjustable Circular Massage with 24 Detachable Knots Fitness Equipment (Pink)…

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Product: GOBEES weighted fitness hoop Model: UA-Q1 Knots: 24 Size: waist 33"-52" Material: ABS This new type of weighted fitness hoop is an interesting and novel sports equipment. Compared with the traditional fitness hoop, it is not easy to fall off, and it is easy for beginners to use. Suitable for fitness room, outdoor, home, office and anywhere you want. It consists of 24 detachable parts with massage heads, and you can freely adjust the size according to your waist circumference. Massage during exercise, an unparalleled fitness experience. Main functions 1. Burn calories and lose weight 2. Exercise the abdominal muscles and help bowel movements 3. Improve body flexibility and shape a good figure Product contains 1 × GOBEES weighted fitness hoop (24 knots) 1 × product manual Exercise plan 1. 5 times a week 2. 2 groups each time, 15 minutes for each group 3. There is a 5-minute rest time between the two groups   (They can be customized according to your needs) Tips 1. Children under the age of eight must be used under the care of an adult. 2. Don't wrap it around your neck. When using, keep away from pets. 3. Please store in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time. 4. Please be careful when installing the product and do not remove it forcibly. If you have any suggestions or questions about our products, please feel free to contact our after-sales team. We will reply to you as quickly as possible.


  • FITNESS AND MASSAGE: Compared to conventional large fitness hoops, the removable GOBEES weighted fitness hoop can not only use up body fat to achieve an ideal figure but also massage your waist to relax. With this comfortable experience, we recommend you exercise 30 minutes per day for 5 days; then you can burn up to 800 calories each time.
  • EASY TO USE: The upgraded smart Fitness hoop is easier to use and will not fall, even beginners can use it. Smart exercise hoops is the easiest and most interesting way to exercise. It burns fat, makes the waist slim, suitable for aerobics and dancing, helps lose weight, regulates gut and obtains the most relaxing effect.
  • DETACHABLE DESIGN: It consists of 24 detachable parts, which can be disassembled expediently. The weighted hoop for exercise can be adjusted to 16 ( suit for 31 inch / 79cm ) to 24 ( 52 inch / 132cm ) sections according to the waist which fits all sizes. The sections and convenient safe lock are easily detached, making it easy to store.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The Smart fitness hoops is made of high-quality ABS materials to prevent equipment aging. Not only light weighted but also comfortable for your daily exercise. It also has a soft gravity ball. You can adjust the length of the rope according to your training level. Good choice for gift.
  • ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: Suitable for all adults and children who need to lose weight / mothers after birth / office workers / students. Exercise anytime and anywhere without being subject to the restrictions of the scene. If you have any questions about the exercise hoop, please contact your GOBBES Team. We will solve the problem within 24 hours.