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Gourmet Keto Diet Cookbook For Women After 50: 150+ Tasty Low-Carb Recipes to Reverse Aging, Burn Fat and Boost Your Metabolism. Forget Digestive Problems, Acid Reflux and Be Super-Energetic (Ketosis)

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Do you want to burn fat without diet headaches after the age of 50Do you want to reverse aging, boost your metabolism and forget digestive problems while tasting a lot of mouth-watering ketogenic recipes Or are you simply looking for 150+ low-carb gourmet recipesLosing weight after 50 is always a struggle... With an estimated 3 in every 4 (75%) senior citizens in the United States expected to be obese by 2025, we are sitting on a time bomb because with obesity comes all manner of associated health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, skin aging, diabetes, arthritis and much more.Why do this always happen Because the metabolism has been substantially slowed down, but there is another problem... The standard diets are not suited for women, especially those in their menopausal years (50 years and above). This makes it very hard for women over 50 to sustainably lose weight on a diet.This Gourmet Cookbook(TM) offers you a lot of ketogenic recipes 100% adjusted for women above 50 with the aim of help you reverse aging, boost the metabolism, balance hormones....In this book you will find: What is keto diet and its importance for women above 50 How exactly does the Ketogenic diet affect women over 50 years in a manner that is different from everyone elseWhat foods should you eat and which ones should you avoid as you follow the keto diet as a woman over 50The 9 Key takeaways for women above 50 on keto diet The 3 Problems to be aware of for women above 50 on keto diet✓ The 150+ Gourmet Recipes for women after 50 ✓ - 34 keto breakfast recipes - 33 keto lunch recipes - 36 keto dinner recipes - 20 keto snacks recipes - 20 keto smoothie recipes★ Bonus: 9 exercise friendly keto recipesThe Gourmet Keto Cookbook for Women After 50(TM) offers a comprehensive guide to cooking some of the most mouth-watering ketogenic recipes in the easiest ways. With detailed step-by-step instructions, you are sure to find value and taste in every recipe