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GROWNSY Baby Scale, Multifunctional Baby Weight Scale, Pet Scale for Puppy, Cat, Adult Scale Up to 330lbs, Accurate Digital Scale with Hold Function, 27-inch Height Measurement, 5 Units, LED Screen

We know how precious your little one is and how important monitoring their growth is to you as a new parent. That's why we created the multi-function Baby Scale and Height Measuring Device with Hold Function and High Precision Sensors - a lovingly designed tool to help track your baby's progress. Our scale is designed with your baby's comfort and safety in mind, providing accurate and precise measurements of your baby's weight and height. With built-in high precision sensors and imported chips, you can feel assured that the readings are stable and consistent.This baby scale for weighing can be used as a baby scale, newborn infant scale, puppy scale, cat scale, and adult scale up to 330 lbs, becoming a cherished addition to any family. The height measuring function provides a complete picture of your baby’s growth, allowing you to visualize important milestones your little one conquers each day. The automatic or manual hold provides a reassuring and stress-free experience, securing a precise measurement even when wiggles and giggles set in. The simple touch screen controls with auto shut-off and detachable parts make it a pleasure to assemble, use and store. Most importantly, we include instructions filled with comfort and care, designed to support you during this beautiful journey of parenting. We understand that every baby sparkles uniquely, and our goal is to provide a reliable and caring tool to support you on your parenting journey.