H2O Capsule 2.2L Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and Covered Straw Lid – BPA Free Large Reusable Drink Container with Handle - Big Sports Jug, 2.2 Liter (74 Ounce) Navy Blue

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The Encased Drink Bottle That Holds Your Stuff While YOU Work Out!It’s a bodybuilding, yoga lovers and gym bunny conundrum –where DO you put your cell phone, keys, ID and cards when you train? Who wants to leave their phone in a locker, when it holds those pumping workout tunes! You CAN carry it but that fumbling and leaving it on filthy gym floors is not cool, right?Well, it’s not a problem for H2O Capsule. The FIRST and ONLY water bottle with a storage holder for keeping your stuff safe while YOU get your sweat on (and then re-hydrate)! The thick 5mm insulated sleeve protects your bottle, while carrying your things! There’s a band for your phone, slot for your cards and keyring for your keys behind the container’s large handle, and the sports bottle’s sleeve also features a removable shoulder strap, making carrying your water even easier and saving space in your gym bag.And here’s what else you’ll love…This half gallon water bottle is now made of 30% thicker plastic, and comes with a leak-proof and dust-proof covered straw lid which helps protect the mouthpiece, and flips open with a click of a button! The2.25” wide mouth is perfect for adding ice cubes to your sports drink, and the insulated 5mm thick neoprene sleeve helps them stay cold for longer.The H2O Capsule – Gym Bottle AND Heavy Duty Storage! - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Handle- 5mm Thick Soft Neoprene Thermal Sleeve WITH Patented Cell Phone Holder, Keyring AND Card Holder- Leak-proof Covered Straw Lid with Wide Mouth Access (2.25” wide)- BPA and BPS Free, Food Safe Half Gallon Jug- Available in Multiple Colors and Designs- 2.2 Liter Water Bottle Supported by our 12-Month Warranty The straw-lid is air-sealed: Run straw brush through mouth piece before initial use.Let everyone else struggle with their carrying their stuff in the gym… because you no longer have to with the revolutionary H2O Capsule


  • BUILT FOR GYM LIFE: No more wrestling with your keys, or leaving your phone on the dirty gym floor. The H2O Capsule is the only sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that doubles as handy storage! Hold your phone, keys and cards while you work out and look good doing it.
  • HALF GALLON HYDRATION WITH COVERED STRAW LID: The extra large 2.2L / 74 oz plastic jug holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise. The reusable half gallon comes with a leak-proof & dust-proof covered straw lid, which helps protect the mouthpiece and flips open with a click of a button. The straw-lid is air-sealed: Run straw brush through mouth piece before initial use. The H2O Capsule bottle with storage sleeve comes with a bonus straw cleaning brush.
  • UNIQUE STORAGE SLEEVE: Using the space under the large jug handle to store your stuff, the patent-pending removable thermal sleeve has a unique design that holds your cards and cell phone, and is finished with an in-built key chain and removable shoulder strap for convenient hands free carrying! It’s the only encased water jug that holds your things while you exercise.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED BPA FREE / BPS FREE: Now made with 30% thicker plastic to make it more heavy duty and durable, the H2O Capsule is non-toxic, BPA free, BPS free AND multi-functional. Leakproof and lightweight, the fitness water bottle comes in multiple colors/designs. Choose one that matches your gym OOTD! Hand wash your bottle as it is not dishwasher-safe. The extra large 2.2L / 74 oz plastic hydro jug holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY INNOVATION: The H2O Capsule makes every reusable water bottle a superhero, from reducing plastic waste to providing inspiration, keeping you hydrated or simply stopping things from going missing. Thank you for your help in saving our planet, one capsule at a time!