Healthy Hands Cold Therapy Gloves with Gel Ice Packs for Injuries, Carpel Tunnel Pain, Arthritis, Chemotherapy & Neuropathy - Reusable Cold Mittens - Purple

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Get complete relief from aches & pains with gentle, calming cooling therapy.Our cold therapy gloves are perfect for anyone suffering from arthritis, inflammation, undergoing chemotherapy or just worn-out from putting their hands through the ringer.We feature innovative gel packs that are completely safe to be used in the fridge, freezer or even microwaves for a soothing warming experience.Our gloves include their own protective bag to keep them from being damaged in the freezer, allowing you to get your ideal temperature by freezing them for 4 hours.Your hands work hard for you, they deserve a break!These therapy gloves are designed for maximum relief with top & bottom gel packs that fully immerse your hands in total relaxation, so you never have to settle for partial pain relief again.


  • [Cold Relief For Achy Hands] – Pain relief & relaxation is only minutes away. Perfect cold therapy for sore, aching hands resulting from inflammation, arthritis, carpal tunnel, chemotherapy or neuropathy. Soothing comfort you can trust!
  • [Dual-Layer Technology] – Our premium gloves feature an extra plush outer layer that effortlessly traps in cold & thin inner layers that keep your hands comfy while you get maximum cooling relief. Guaranteed to last at least 20 minutes.
  • [Fridge or Freezer] – Whether you need cold therapy for aches & pains or a relaxing cooling experience, our gloves can be easily used in the fridge or freezer. We provide a premium protective bag for optimal cooling.
  • [360° Cold Coverage] – Wrap your hands in total comfort and refreshment without missing a single spot. Our gloves are uniquely designed with top & bottom gel packs to give you complete coverage & relief you can count on every time.
  • [Easy Care & Cleaning] – Keeping your therapy gloves clean should be the last of your worries! Our gel packs can be easily removed, allowing you to machine wash your gloves & keep them fresh & clean for every single use.