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Houseables Shower Niche, Insert Storage Shelf, 12x28 Inch, Installation Size: 13"x29", Leak-Proof, XPS Foam, Two Shelves, Waterproof,Tileable Prefab Shelves for Bathroom, Prefabricated Organizer

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So long, crowded showers Whether you share your shower with roommates, family members, or have an abundance of shower products, you understand the frustration and irritation a disorganized shower can cause. Shampoo, body gel, razors, bars of soap, and loofahs crowd the partition, making it difficult to maintain a clean and organized shower space. A shower niche will give you ample amounts of space, stylistically. It also gives your shower a unique modern spin that will wow you and your guests. Versatility Our shower niche is easy to customize to your personal needs with the adjustable middle shelf. Place the shelf in the middle to achieve maximum storage space for shampoo and soap bottles or place the shelving near the top to create a ledge for soap bars and razors. It provides flexibility to suit whatever your storage needs may be. Our 12 x 28-inch niche can also be installed horizontally to create a wider nook based on your bathroom design. High-Quality and Easy to Install Unlike other shower niches, which need to be designed by a contractor with an extensive installation process, our ready-to-tile shower niche is pre-manufactured - making it an easy DIY weekend project. Handmade niches can experience significant problems down the road, but our pre-manufactured niche is guaranteed to be waterproof and leak-proof to fight against mold, mildew, and rust. One of the most challenging tasks is waterproofing the corners, but our pre-sealed niche completely erases this step Complements Any Shower Recessed shelving complements any shower design, adding a modern and luxurious element. Deciding where to place the shower niche insert can be tricky, but is entirely based on your preference and need. It is suggested not to install niches in outside walls due to possible insulation issues and typically sit 3 feet above the shower floor. Good design ensures that form and function are in sync