HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light 150W 21,000lm 5000K 1-10V Dimmable UL Listed US Hook 5' Cable Alternative to 650W MH/HPS for Gym Factory Warehouse

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Customer service and offering top quality products are our first and foremost priorities here at Hyperlite! we guarantee that you will see this when you purchase our products. We know that you will love your purchase, but if for some reason you don't simply reach out to us and let us know. Our company will give you a Prompt responsiveness; and, if the situation Falls within our return policy, We will offer you a full return and pay Your return shipping! This is all on top of our industry leading 5-year warranty! If your product becomes defective in the first 5 years after your purchased; and falls under our warranty policies, we will replace it within 30 days! We enjoy serving our electrician and contractor clients! At Hyperlite, we provide you and your company with 100% free services, such as our dialux lighting simulation to help you increase your business and compete in your markets. If you have any questions about our Amazon-exclusive electrician and contractor services, feel free to contact us! The Hyperlite LED High bay light is a top quality industrial luminaire with an aesthetically pleasing ufo-like design. It’s dimensions are 13 x 13 x 8 inches and its net Weight is 7.7 pounds. The optional reflector cover reduces the vertigo of the lamplight and makes it appear even more stylish and beautiful. Easily use this light in a factory, Warehouse, garage, store, shop, or anywhere you desire! What are you waiting for Order this outstanding product Today


  • ◈UNBEATABLE ILLUMINATION – This 150W high quality and powerful high bay light gives off industry-leading illumination! It’s commercial grade compatibility and 21,000 lumens easily make this light the best choice when it comes to wide and clear illumination! With up to 140 lumens per watt, this is easily one of the highest performing lights in the industry. On top of all this, this light is compatible with reflector (Need order separately) to provide up to 20% uplight!
  • ◈ FAST & EASY INSTALLATION - The effortless 3-minute installation process will save you the headaches and frustration that other light installations cause. This package comes with a free American hook, 5 foot power cord, and Safety Rope to make installing this light that much easier! It also features a 110V standard American plug for easy and direct power sourcing. This will save you time and energy to work on other projects!
  • ◈ STRONG AND DURABLE – This amazing UL certified lamp features an IP65 certified water resistant and dustproof design. It’s commercial grade, durable properties make it the toughest and most versatile light on the market. Never worry about this product being damaged from outdoor weather conditions! The pure aluminum cold forged housing provides excellent thermal transfer to extend component life and keep it from becoming damaged. It’s operation temperature is -104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ◈ BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE DESIGN – The lightweight, low profile and circular/UFO-like design makes this high bay light the most unique and beautiful product on the market (Dimensions: 13 X 13 X 8 inches). On top of all these light’s beautiful characteristics, it is also dimmable! This professional, stylish, and unique look offers its customers a supreme lighting experience
  • ◈ 5 YEAR WARRANTY – Hyperlite offers it’s customers an unbelievable 5 year warranty! We guarantee that you will love this light and it will function 100% effectively, but if for some reason it doesn’t, let us at Hyperlite know and we will replace it within 30 days!