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Iconic Mars Comet PRO Recording Vocal Studio Isolation Booth | Microphone Pop Filter Shield Accessory

Introducing the Comet Pro Isolation Booth, the ultimate solution for professional-level audio recording in any environment.
This high-performance booth is designed to reduce unwanted ambient noise and eliminate echo, ensuring that your recordings are of the highest quality.

Built with premium materials, the Comet Pro is designed to provide long-lasting performance.
The booth features an enhanced frequency response, a larger isolation chamber, and higher-density sound-absorbing foam that effectively blocks out external noise, making it ideal for recording vocals, podcasts, music, voice-overs, live-streaming, and more.

The Comet Pro is designed for easy setup and is compatible with most side-address microphones.
It also comes with our exclusive Retro Red PRO-SERIES Pop-filter.
Its professional-grade performance and sleek design make it an essential addition to any professional recording studio, podcasting setup, music production setup, live-streaming setup, or home recording enthusiast.
Elevate your recording experience with the Comet Pro and achieve unparalleled audio quality.