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JSCPC 16PCS Cute Stickers for Mouse Theme Birthday Party Supplies, Mouse Party Favor Goody Treat Gift Bags for Kids Girl's Boy's Party Decorations

About JSCPC Mouse Party Candy Bags

JSCPC party candy bags are suitable for kids' birthday party, baby shower party, theme party, and other party.

Why Choose US?

1. Affordable: Spend less money to enjoy better products. Save your money!

2. Awesome party candy bag set: it can be used for gift bags, gift bags, candy bags, gift bags, holiday gift bags, party gift bags, etc.

3. High-quality: Made of 100 grams of high-quality kraft paper, high-definition printing with environmentally friendly ink, one of the children's favorite gift bags Perfect Paper Gift Bags

Details: Mouse gift bags Size: 8.7" x 4.8" x 3.2" inches

Package of favor gift bags: 24pcs mouse candy bags, 24pcs stickers