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KAO Diapers Merries Sarasara Air Through Pants L-Size ( 9~14kg) 44sheets, Parallel Import Product, Made in Japan

KAO Merries Pants Diaper (L) 44pc Fits snugly while releasing heat. Airy channels around the sweat zone releases heat. Merries pants' unique waist gathers releases moisture so that skin stays dry! The breathable sheet that covers the pee zone releases moisture from the pee. The whole diaper is made of a breathable sheet which absorbs pee while releasing moisture and stuffiness The snug fit around baby's tummy and thighs prevents leakage. Merries Pants fit snugly and softly around baby's tummy and thighs without any gaps, thus preventing leakage. This unique design allows the diaper to stay in place no matter how active the baby is. The soft material gently wraps around baby's delicate skin. Every element that is in contact with baby's skin is soft and gentle. L: 9kg - 14kg 44pc Made in Japan