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KEVOZAN Mini Portable Washing Machine with Spin, 11L Capacity, 35W Power, with Blue Light, Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, and Outdoor Travel - Purple

Discover the ultimate laundry convenience with the KEVOZAN Portable Washing Machine, a small laundry machine portable enough to take on the go, yet powerful in performance. Our package thoughtfully includes an 11L capacity purple portable washer, a draining basket, ensuring you have all the essentials for a seamless laundry experience. This compact machine is equipped with a variety of features tailored to meet your diverse laundry needs. The appliance offers washing settings of 5 and 10 minutes, a 3-minute dehydration cycle, and a blue light feature. Powered by a built-in 35W pure copper high-power motor, this mini laundry machine ensures a powerful and efficient cleaning rhythm. One machine, multiple uses: The 11L capacity of this washing machine mini portable design makes it perfect for handling approximately 6lbs of laundry, ideal for separating and washing your underwear, socks, towels.