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Kid Casters Minecraft Youth Fishing Spincast Fiberglass Combo

Unleash your child s imagination and immerse them in an extraordinary blend of virtual creativity and real-life exploration with the Minecraft Youth Fishing Kit. Inspired by the monumental success of Minecraft the best-selling game of all time this remarkable fishing kit ignites a sense of adventure like never before. Crafted by Kid Casters a name synonymous with quality and innovation this all-in-one kit delivers a seamless fishing experience. The centerpiece of this thrilling package is the 29.5 all-in-one rod and reel purposefully designed to captivate young anglers. Immerse your child in a world where pixelated wonders come to life as they cast with the included 8-bit fish plug adding a touch of Minecraft s enchantment to every fishing expedition. With a spincast reel boasting an impressive 3.1:1 gear ratio effortless retrieves become second nature. No fishing quest is complete without a reliable line and this kit spares no expense. The reel comes pre-spooled with robust 6lb fishing line ready