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Kittmip BF35 Bug Zapper Replacement Bulbs FUL 15W-BL with Square 4-Pin Base, Compatible for Flowtron BK-15D, Stinger FP15, TZ15, BB-15WHT, 15W U Shape Insect Attracting Lamp for T6 T8 T9(3)

Why our Bug Zapper Replacement Bulb attract mosquitoes?
Most bugs are phototaxis in a specific light source wavelength range.
Our replacement bulb at wavelengths from 300 - 460 nm with a main wave peak at 365 nm.
Keep your Outdoor Mosquito and Insect Trap operating at peak capacity with the 15w bug zapper light bulb.

U shape 15W Replacement bulb
GX10q, 4 Pin Base on one end.
Compatible for:
Flowtron BK-15,BK-15C,BK-15D,BK-2000,BK-CCN, BK-2000;
GL-1450; GL-2020; GL-2050; GL-3515; PM-1500; PM-2000; PM-2015B
Stinger B1515-4 15 Watt UV15, FP15, TZ15
Black- Flag BZ-15 (BB-15WHT),
HEM IUA 15 Watt 4-Pin
Gala xie GL-1450,GL-2050,GL-3515
Big Fighte r PM-1500,PM-2000,PM-2015
Stinger Replacement Bulb For UV15, FP15, TZ15

Material: glass tubes, earth phosphors
Dimensions:7.67'' x 1.57'' x 0.94''
Wavelength: 300 - 460 nm
Quantity: 3 pieces

Package includes:
3 x 15W Bug Zapper Replacement Bulb

Notes: Please check and confirm the bulb size fits before purchasing.
The brands mentioned above, and any related model are only applied to demonstrate compatibility, not working as trademark using, our trademark is Kittmip, Kindly noted.