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Kwaiffeo Christmas Lights Outdoor, 8 Tubes Meteor Shower Lights LED Snow Falling Icicle Cascading Lights for Xmas Tree Wedding Decoration Party, UL Plug, White

Kwaiffeo technology, makes your home more comfortable and wonderful!

These icicles are all powered by its own IC chip and falls at random to make a pretty display, act like a meteor shower or falling snow crosses the sky. They add a nice touch to your outdoor decorations, you can hung them from a multi-branched tree in front yard, and the more you string them together, the more spectacular they look, for example, you can connect about ten sets on the tree, they will be very impressive and cool to watch. I'm sure you'll get compliments from your neighbors if you decorate your Christmas with them, they are perfect Christmas lights and Christmas decoration outdoor.

1. Please note that the plug is NOT waterproof so that please keep the plug away from water.
2. Please make sure the male/female connectors are connected correctly. If you can not turn on the whole light or 8 tubes, it is caused by the false connection for the connectors, please disconnect them and change another direction to connect them again.
3. If you get a set with 8 tubes cascading at the same time, just plug it for a certain time, it will cascade at random, Because every tube has an individual IC control, every tube will fall at random.

Plug types: UL listed Plug
LED bulbs of per tube: 24
Tube Quantity: 8 Tubes
Number of LED bulbs: 8 Tubes x 24LED (192LED Lights)
Length of power cord: 16ft;
Total length of 8 tubes: 10ft
Total length of the set: 26ft
Working Voltage: 110V
Watt: 5W