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This box is from the biggest online retailer and it still has the prime tape on it!  No one has ever cherry picked these boxes!  Stop questioning if you got ripped off and buy direct!!!  Anything they sell could be inside. 

Item count is usually around 40+ items but again, they are mystery boxes and we do not open them nor do we know what they contain.  We have seen iPads, kids tablets, robot vacuums, masks, tools, etc.  It could be anything that amazon sells!

We have also heard about boxes with a lot of private label merchandise from China. This box could defiantly be a gamble.  This Sealed by Amazon box will ship within within 2-4 business days with Free shipping!

The difference between these and our family boxes is simply size. These are larger boxes!

**We don’t promise this will be a great buy! But if you're just getting started sometimes 40 new shelf pulled items worth $5 are great for reviews on your selling platform!  It just depends what your looking for!  But that scenario is probably the worst box we have seen. The best box we have seen has been worth $1200 retail. Yes these boxes are a gamble everyone is not amazing.  However we have typically seen mostly shelf pulled brand new merchandise in these boxes with 40+ items usually so that’s $2.50 an item not bad! 

**Boxes are sold as is. There is no refunds or discrepancy’s that will be accepted on these boxes.**