Lecaung Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine, Professional Ion Cleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine with LED Display, Far Infrared Belt

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, Multifuction Ionic Ion Foot Detox Bath Cleanse Machine With Wrist Strap and Waist belt. After 14 times sessions, you will feel better in sleeping, memory and other part, pls try it! Before using the detox foot spa machine, pls reading the following instruction. 1.Pls double check the detox feet machine. 2. Pls don't wet the wrist strap. 3. Pls don't don't use the pure water or Distilled water. The Tap water is ok. 4.Pls wear the wrist band and put your feet into the water when using the machine, the detox machine will work. Otherwise the LCD Screen display will show Error or E=0 . 5.If put more salts, the machine will show Error, pls add salt little by little. 6.The detox cleanse machine will stop work or alarm if the E exceed 2.5 A. Maybe put more salt, pls change the water and clean the array, then re-using the machine . How to Use the advance foot bath machine 1.Add the water into the basin and make sure the water covers your ankles. 2.Add about 0.1g salt into the water and mix them well. 3.Connect the adapter and arrays to the detox machine, then put the arrays into the water. 4.Connect the wrist strap to the main machine and tighten it on your wrist . 5.Put your feet into the basin, and press the power button ON/OFF. 6.the default time (Maximum 30 minutes). 7.PS: .pls make sure no jewelry near the wrist strapTroubleshooting ---- The detox foot spa machine show Error Case 1, didn't put the feet into the water, and wear the wristband. Case 2, didn't wear the wristband and put the feet into the water. Case 3, wear the wristband and put the feet into the water. However, the metal panle of the wristband doesn't touch on your skin. Therefore, pls put the feet into the water and wear the wristand when you using the detoxification machine. Also pls ensure the the metal panle of the wristband touch on your skin.


  • ✈Safe Detox Foot Spa -Uses the characteristics of reduced water to help human detoxification and health care by soaking feet. Naturally,Safe,pure physical detoxification, regain your healthy& Vitality with this ionic detox foot bath machine.
  • ✈Multi-function Detox Foot Machine - detox foot spa and far infrared waist belt mode. During foot detox sessions, you can use the FAR infrared waist belt to relieve muscle aches, increase the cell’s activities. Also infrared waist belt may be used independent .It has three different intensity levels.
  • ✈Profession detox foot spa system - Single-user negative hydrogen ionic detox foot bath machine with FAR infrared waist belt, 2 Ion arrays, 10 liners. Moreover, the foot detox machine has a 'counter' for counting the times as it be used.Suitable for family, individual, beauty club and spa club.
  • ✈Benefit from the detox foot spa machine - Can enhance your immune system, balance blood sugar and pressure, remove heavy metals, improve your memory and sleep,relieve the muscle pain,loose weight, reduce constipation after using 14 time.
  • ✈Gift Package- the detox foot bath spa machine is packed with a premium aluminum carrying box, give your detox machine best protection. Also the detox machine fit any basin, perfect for home use and travel. If you have any problems, please contact us anytime.