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Liliadon Proofing Baskets Sourdough Starter Set of 11 - 2 Round 9 Inches Banneton Bread Basket, Supplies and Tools for Bread Baking Starter Kit Perfect for Gift

Make your artisan boule look like it came from a bakery with the help of this Kitchen Pro Rattan Round Bread Proving Basket Set. With this rattan Bread Bowl, you are sure to impress your family and friends with breads that look as perfect as they taste. Key Feature Sturdy bread proving basket made 100% Indonesian Rattan Includes a bread lame used to make your Bread more Unique No smell, non-Splinter, non-toxic, anti-dust, durable, impermeable, easy to clean. Perfect for sourdough or any type of bread baking Ideal gift set for the professional or home artisan Include 2 Proofing Basket with Liner 1 Metal Scrapper 1 Plastic Scrapper 1 Bag Liner 1 Bread Lame with Blades 1 Baking Mat 1 Basting Brush 1 bread baking for beginners proofing baskets for sourdough bread baking baking stuff dough conditioner baking gifts sourdough crock sourdough scoring tool oval banneton bread proofing box bread bowls for rising and baking sourdough tools bread improver bread dough whiskcsourdough bread pan sourdough basket bread banneton Dough Whisk Basket Linen A basket provides support for a proofing loaf; the linen liner reduces sticking and yields a smoother crust than an unlined basket. Bread Lame with Replaceable Blades Take your bakes to the next level by using our bread scoring tool to create beautifully delicate patterns in your bread. Metal Dough Scrapper Metal scrapper designed to split and scrape bread dough, so it's easy to use and make your baking more effective and No worry about hand and wrist fatigue! Basting Brush The bendable and soft silicone basting brush is suitable for precisely scattering flour on the bread and can use for clean basket. Baking Mat This large nonstick silicone Baking mat keeps worktop clean, Non-Sticky, and convenient for baking. Dough Whisk This bread dough whisk gives that traditional magic touch to your dough blending tasks. It provides an easier stirring process