Littermaid Waste Receptacles, 18Count, Grey, 1st/2nd Edition box

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Just like you, we at littermaid brand are crazy for cats. For over a decade, We have been a leader in providing practical litter box solutions, so you and your cat can have the freshest, cleanest environment possible With the least amount of hassle. We strive to help make your home environment comfortable, clean and fresh – so you spend less time worrying about your litter box and more time loving your cat! Littermaid waste receptacles let you get rid of your plastic bags! Let your littermaid Self-Cleaning litter boxes do the scooping and raking for you as they deposit waste and litter clumps into littermaid waste receptacles, eliminating the hassle of cleaning out your cat’s litter box. These waste receptacles lock away waste and odors for a fresh, clean litter box. Built for durable odor containment, the waste receptacles prevent bending during disposal, so you can easily remove the receptacle and throw it away. Littermaid waste receptacles are compatible with littermaid 1St edition and 2ND edition Self-Cleaning litter boxes.