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M MAYbabe Bed Rails for Babies and Toddlers,Extra Long and Tall Infants Bed Rail Guard, Short Side of Kings(Grey-76inches)

MAYbabe Bed Rail Made for Kings&Queens Bed Sizes,Please Choose the Suitable Size(60in;76in;80in)


·Easier to Install.
·Extra Long and Tall.
·Easy Fold-Down Design(Lay Down Vertically).
·Super Sturdy.
·Stylish and Simple Design.
·The Mesh Net is Safe and Contains NO Fluorescent Agent.


What's Included in The Box:
-mesh cover X1
- upper cross tube X2.
- lower cross tube X2.
- left riser X1.
- right riser X1
- lift support foot X2.
- self-tapping screws X6(20mm)
- tectum X2.
- instructions X1

Choose the right size:
·Queen size: 60 inches * 80 inches
·King size:76 inches * 80 inches
NOTE: All products have been equipped with net cloth.