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MasiStranth Pull Up Bar for Doorway, Multifunctional Pullup Chin up Bar Home, Doorframe Dip bar Fitness, Body Workout Home Gym System Trainer (USA Patent)

2021 new exclusive patent
2021 new exclusive patent
2021 new exclusive patent
Imposfit pull-up bar is an improved pull-up bar, which is a portable and detachable home exercise equipment.
We always insist that a perfect pull-up bar should not take your time to set up, so we made this easy-to-disassemble and assemble portal pull-up bar.
Our pull-up bar allows you to perform a series of exercises using a single piece of equipment at home.
The distance between the two "hooks" is 22.83cm, which is suitable for almost all doors, even doors in corners.
It is suitable for doors with a width of 23.62"-35.43" (60-90 cm) and adjustable depth. It can bear up to 500 pounds (226 kg).
The length of the upper pole is finally reduced to 39.76 inches, which can perfectly hold and protect your Wrists, shoulders and muscles.
Removable design:The design of the pull rod saves space, and you can remove it when not in use and store it in a sofa, bed or anywhere else.
Although we work hard to make it fit all doorways (the distance between the two "hooks" can be adjusted to fit most doors;
the upper pole is also shortened to fit the door in the corner of the wall)
we always provide a 100% refund for Some special door frames that are still not suitable.