MATSKY Tesla Model Y Floor Mats, Performance Line

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All-weather car floor mats with DryShoes system made out of the EVA-Foam material ensure a stylish look to the interior of your vehicle as well as its cleanliness and the neatness of your shoes even if the filth levels are high. NO DIRT IN THE CABIN. The surface of the pad material is covered with special diamond-shaped cells. Dirt on ordinary pads starts to smear and spread throughout the cabin, but this will never happen in case of MATSKY. Snow, water, dust and wet dirt get into the cells and remain there until you shake out the mats. By the way, it is thanks to the cells that you can clean the cabin no so often if you wish. REAL GENTLEMEN`S and LADY`S PADS. The first thing you will notice after you lay down our pads in your cabin is that your trousers and shoes will always remain clean, even if it is raining heavily outside. This is what makes the pads one of the most interesting offers on the market. SAFE AS CHILDREN`S TOYS. Soft ultra-light plastic EVA, from which the rugs are made, is 100% safe for health. 3D puzzles for the youngest ones and other children's toys are often made from it, so you can be absolutely sure that it is environmentally-friendly. The pads are odourless and very soft and pleasant to the touch. HEAT AND COLD RESISTANT. EVA pads perfectly withstand temperatures from +50 to −60 degrees Celsius. Our customers managed to test them in the harsh northern conditions and the pads proved themselves just fine - they do not lose elasticity at all. By the way, in the cold it is very easy to clean the pads: just knock on it - and the dirt will fly out in the form of small ice balls. MATSKY is a Ukrainian company founded in 2015 in Kyiv. It is engaged in the production of high-quality and hi-tech EVA-foam car mats of. When creating its products, the company is guided by its own core principles built on three pillars - tradition of quality, irreproachable style and impeccable service.


  • PERFORMANCE HEEL PAD made of aircraft steel with lengthwise rubber details secures reliably your feet preventing sliding at any level of humidity, dirt accumulation or road conditions complexity, thus ensuring an extra security for you and your family. This is a new level of Tesla driving experience.
  • LOTS of FIXING POINTS of mats to the floor guarantee that none of mats will move an inch providing better level of safety and comfort during the use.
  • Due to its composition the ?V? Innovative material is resistant to any challenges, the color will not fade and it remains jet black, it has an extremely low weight while its thickness is 0.5 in. This ensures an EXTRA SOUND and VIBRATION INSULATION of the floor of your Tesla.
  • DRY SHOES SYSTEM is a special form of the mat surface which consists of individual cells of special geometric shape based on the Honeycomb theory restraining whatever falls on them at critical angles, while keeping the surface dry and your shoes as clean as possible. Tesla Model Y Floor Mats
  • These mats INCORPORATED ALL ADVANTAGES of other car mats while avoiding their disadvantageous features. Mats are indestructible like rubber mats but retain their marketable condition for years. They are as soft and beautiful as textile ones but also these mats are moisture resistant and are not high-maintenance. They cover maximum surface of the floor protecting a car carpet from mud as 3D-mats do, but at the same time you can easily remove them from the interior for an instant cleaning.
  • Part number: TSLAMDLYP
  • Compatible with vehicle type: Passenger Car