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McDavid Bio-Logix Ankle Brace, Black, XL/XXL, Left

This advanced ankle brace has a quick-wrap closure secures ankle easily. Anatomical support via molded TPU exoskeleton also provides further lateral stability. Articulating plastic internal stirrup wraps upward from under-foot supporting below the ankle. Natural flexion/extension and fluid movement provided by soft flex-link hinge Integration. Integrated figure-8 strap system and heel-lock strap for max ankle inversion and over-extension stability. Ankle joint and brace precisely aligned with contoured comfort memory foam. Simple on/simple off rear access with forefoot sleeve and quick-wrap closure. Anti-slip silicone sole creates stable in-shoe contact and enhanced performance. Ankle brace content: 35% SBR neoprene, 25% TPU, 10% polyester, 10%, microfiber, 15% nylon , 5% spandex-exclusive of trims.