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MED PRIDE Sterile XXtra Absorbent Abdominal Pads [50-Pack] - 5”x9” ABD Combine Individually Wrapped- Ultra-Absorbent Latex-Free & Non-Adherent Surgical for Drainage, Wound Dressing

Professionally engineered to meet all the medical requirements and deliver advanced protection and supreme absorbency, the Medpride 5”x9” wound dressing pads stand out for their ability to quickly and effectively absorb high volume liquid exudates without any messy leaks. Ideal for padding and protecting:* Heavy-Draining Wounds* Post-Op Wounds* Healing Incisions* Tough-Healing Injuries* Diabetic Vein Ulcers* Heavy-Exudate For Persistent & Acute WoundsWith a latex-free, SAP and fluff filling that offers quick, painless and even absorption, these drainage pads will become your go-to choice for dressing even the most severe wounds and traumas, including post-surgery tummy tuck recovery, breast reduction healing and hard-to-heal leg sores.SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY EVEN FOR SEVERELY DRAINING WOUNDSWith an extra absorbent synthesis that traps any liquids, exudate and blood, our ABD dressing pads help facilitate the faster recovery of the injured area all while keeping your gauzes and clothes shielded from stains. The 360-degree sealed edges even prevent leakage for prolonged use and comfort.VALUE PACK OF 50 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED STERILE, NON-STICK, ULTRA SOFT & COMFORTABLE LATEX-FREE ABD PADSCombining an ultra-absorbent core with a silky soft outer, non-woven layer, our sterile non-adherent pads will gently collect any exudate without sticking to the wound or causing the slightest discomfort while applying or removing it. Along with their latex-free synthesis, they are great for all skin types.TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOUR SERIOUS WOUNDS WITH THE BEST PERFORMING, HOSPITAL-GRADE, ULTRA ABSORBENT COMBINE PADS. ORDER YOURS TODAY!