Medcursor Shiatsu Foot Massager with Built-in Soothing Heat Function, Electric Deep Kneading Foot Massage Machine, Muscle Fatigue Relief, Home and Office Use, Black

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Our feet get most of the pain and tension due to daily commute, jogging and exercises that we are required to do each day, so taking care of it is a must! If you are suffering from foot muscle spasm, muscle fatigue, stiffness and chronic pain, then this is an all-in-one solution for you. With Medcursor Foot Massager you will truly SAVE MONEY from not having to go to costly private health spas or parlor just to get your feet pampered and relaxed. Take advantage of its stylish design and portability, plus the amazing HEALTH BENEFITS that this massager can give! It has 6 kneading heads with 18 rotating massager nodes for deep kneading motion that targets the most important pressure points on your feet which improves blood circulation, minimizes pain and relaxes your tired feet nerves and muscles to get the optimum feet pampering and relaxation experience. It may also help people who are suffering from cold feet, chronic pain and fatigue muscles, especially if you will also turn the infrared heat on to maximize the health and relaxation benefits. The massager is designed to produce the best acupressure and kneading massage to focus on the pressure points and soothe the tired muscles, allowing better blood circulation, stimulation of nerve receptors and helps on alleviating muscle stiffness and pain. OTHER SPECIAL FEATURES Infrared Heat Therapy/ Function (Can be Turned On or Off) Height Adjustable machine ( 2 Height Levels) PACKAGE INCLUSION: Medcursor Foot Massager User Manual SPECIFICATIONS:Power Supply: 120V/50~60HzPower Consumption: 48W