MiLocks TKK-02AQ Digital Door Knob Lock with Electronic Keypad for Interior Doors, Antique Brass

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This door lock is great for bedrooms, closets, storage rooms, and many other interior doors throughout your home. No need to carry keys, share keys, or make extra copies of keys. Simply add and delete codes as needed. You will wonder why you didnt buy a keyless door lock sooner. Most importantly, this lock is a direct replacement for most door knobs on standard door prep. The latch is adjustable to make sure it fits the widest range of applications. No handy man required, installation is just as easy as any other lock. If you run into any issues the MiLocks support team is available to help at 909-869-0552, located just outside of Los Angeles, CA.


  • Interior door keyless entry: add up to 6 keypad users for storage doors, closet doors, bedroom doors and more
  • Adjustable: Fits left and right handed doors
  • Easy programming: simple keypad programming procedure adds or deletes users in seconds
  • Direct replacement: no extra work on standard door prep
  • Glow in the dark keypad: better visibility in the dark