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Modern Spiral Table Lamp, 3 Colors Touch Control Desk Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Office, 2700K - 6500K Warm Nature Cold White Light, Silver Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Aluminum Alloy Curved Art Lamp

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Light up your life with modern spiral LED table lamp

Spiral LED table or desk lamps featuring artistic contemporary designs that will complement a modern décor aesthetic. Durable, functional and versatile, our stylish lamps will brighten your home or office. Enjoy convenient one touch functionality with triple color light variations.

Choose our elegant spiral LED table lamp for a great design addition to your home, office or party event. Durable, safe and easy to use, they are also perfect as a gift.

Safe to shine

No UV is produced with negative effects. They do not run the risk of causing any burns, as the LED electro luminescence film is a cold light source, so that there is no temperature increase when it is switched on. Even the light source is constant and soft and does not flicker or cause annoying and painful eye tension or headaches.


1.Type of lamp: LED.

2.LED type: SMD 2835.

3.Power: 9 W.

4.Luminious Flux: 450 lm.

5.Color temperature:3000K, 4000K, 5000K

6.Index of color blushing: ≥80ra

7.Cable length: 1.7 m

8.Material: aluminum, PC, iron.

9.Objective: painting

10.Color: silver

11.Voltage:AC110-240V 50/60Hz

12.Power supply: AC powered

13.Dimensions: 5.11 x 5.11 x 16.53 inches

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