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Mount-It! Laptop and Monitor Desk Stand - Full Motion Laptop Arm Stand - Ergonomic Adjustable Monitor Mount - VESA Monitor Desk Mount with Laptop Tray

This laptop and monitor desk mount combo helps reduce the risk of back and neck injury that is common when sitting for extended periods of time. By raising your monitor and laptop to the correct height you can create additional desk space for other accessories. Having two screens to work with will help your productivity since you won't have the hassle of switching back and forth between applications and spreadsheets. This is the perfect solution when you have limited desk space since the screens are raised up off of the desk. Your display will be neat and tidy with the help of the cable management solution. Full motion capability of the arms allow the user to move the laptop and monitor closer or farther away, as well as turning it left and right. The arms can be lifted or lowered on the 17.7 inch high pole. Monitor head can rotate 360 degrees to allow monitor rotation from landscape to portrait modes, without having to remove it. The vented tray supports notebooks up to 17 inches in screen size with its platform size of 14 inch wide by 11.8 inch deep. The bottom portion of the platform has a lip to securely hold the laptop in place. Each arm can carry a total load capacity of 22 lbs. Key Features This unit features both a monitor and laptop mount, and can be used with a variety of brands and models. This will fit a monitor size ranging from 13" to 27" The full motion design allows you move the screen to a comfortable working position that suits your height; the arms holding the laptop tray and the monitor head can be moved up and down on the vertical pole This notebook and monitor stand allows you to lift the laptop and the display up from your desk surface for a sit-stand and standing workstation set up or to raise them to an ergonomic height. Each arm can handle up to 22 pounds The heavy duty "C" clamp will ensure that your monitor and laptop are stable on your desk; The pole and extension arms have a cable management feature to help keep wires and cables tidy