MOYU Mini Portable Bucket Washer Foldable Washing Machine with Soft Spin Dry and Drainage Pipe Pink (English User manual and button labels)

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Moyu series of household products are dedicated to improving quality of life and the environment with adopting new technologies. Since this year pandemic, many household items are washed more often, so a second mini washer is perfect for washing small items and does not occupy too much space. Our customers also find their kids are starting to use this washer to wash their own clothes, so this can be a good way to train their responsibility, independence, and good hygiene habits. This is also a good back to school gift for colleage and university students During this tough pandemic time, many travelers start carrying their own mini washer when they stay in hotels. This upgraded model of Moyu Portable Folding Washing Machine has a newly added spin dry feature and a built-in drainage water pipe. So this allows your clothes to dry quickly and allows you to drain the water without your hands getting wet. A cloth travel bag cover for the washer is included for convenient pack and transportation. -- Energy, water and environment friendly Compact size and Foldable: -- Full size: 11.49 x 11.49 x 11.40 inch (292 x 292 x 290 mm) -- Folded: 11.49x11.49x3.66 inch (292x292x96 mm) Weight: 7.5 LB This model also has a special designed shipping package for mailing, and a cloth carry case. You can view our packaging pictures above.


  • 【Attention】 The mini washer is designed for delicate and small things( Baby Clothes,Underwear,Sock ) which can't wash sweaters and large clothes.The drain basket shakes off the excess water and keeps the clothes damp without dripping water,which can't completely dry the clothes.
  • Compact size foldable laundry tub, can be placed into travel luggages. It is suitable for student dorms, apartments, senior homes, traveling, camping, business trip etc.
  • Portable and stylish design for convenient placements in any rooms
  • Capacity: 1.8 LB / 0.8 K, 2 baby t-shirts or 6 underwears or 8 pairs of socks in one load
  • 110 V - 240V Power Adapter, included, 40W