MSA 475358 V-Gard Cap Style Safety Hard Hat With Fas-Trac III Ratchet Suspension | Polyethylene Shell, Superior Impact Protection, Self Adjusting Crown Straps - Standard Size in White

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MSA V-Gard Helmet, with its distinctive trademark "V" design, is a world recognized brand known for comfort, quality, and durability. MSA has sold well over 100 million V-Gard Helmets since its introduction – so many in fact, that the iconic "V" design has been a mainstay for many years on even the toughest worksites. The iconic "V" gives the hard hat a unique profile which enables it to deflect objects and provide added protection in the event of impact, as it increases the distance between the contact object and the head of the user. The quality and high performance of the V-Gard are 100% lot tested to ensure they meet MSA’s, and more importantly your, quality standards. Produced in 100% virgin high-density polyethylene. successfully meeting all the requirements of ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1. As well as high performance, the quality of its raw materials grants the shell a service life of up to five years. Fas-Trac III Suspension - no more pressure headaches, no more pulled hair, no more falling off and no more sacrificing worker comfort for safety. Market-leading MSA helmets now have a comfort-leading suspension! The sweatband covers forehead completely. Flush suspension tabs eliminate compression headaches. Graspable ratchet (even while wearing work gloves) with ultra-smooth rotation and steadfast hold. 3-Levels adjustable lower nape strap for balance and stability. The comfort pad provides cushioning and improved airflow.


  • HIGH QUALITY PROTECTION: V-Gard Caps are made from high-density polyethylene with a UV inhibitor for superior top impact protection. For use in general industry and manufacturing markets, or those featuring electric/utilities, construction, or oil, gas and petrochemical work.
  • SLOTTED FOR ACCESSORY USE: This high-quality MSA V-Gard helmet comes slotted for use with a variety of MSA accessories. With a collection of 100+ accessories, ranging from sun shades and shields to liners and lamps, your helmet will always be fit for whatever task is at hand.
  • FAS-TRAC III SUSPENSION: Designed based on opinions and input from hundreds of customers, our top-end Fas-Trac III suspension functions as an improved ratchet suspension. Flush rear lug attachments eliminate pressure points and three levels of nape strap adjustment give for a fully customized fit. Ratchet comfort pad is contoured to the back of the head, improving airflow and preventing hair-pulling. Ensure continued wear with drastically improved comfort and a graspable ratchet.
  • VARIETY OF SIZES & COLORS: Comes available in a large variety of colors and sizes with custom imprinting and striping options. With custom logo options and any of 27+ different reflective and retro-reflective stripes, MSA gives the ultimate experience in hardhat customization.
  • MEETS PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: V-Gard Protective Caps meet or exceed all applicable requirements for a Type I (top impact) helmet as outlined in ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 (Class E) and CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E). These V-Gard caps have also been fully third-party tested and certified by SEI.
  • Fas-Trac III suspension
  • Polyethylene shell provides superior impact protection
  • Self-adjusting Crown straps ensure a comfortable fit