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Our Mystery Box Pallet comes with 16 sealed boxes perfectly stacked on a pallet.  Each pallet contains around 600 items throughout your 16 boxes.  Every box has something different inside such as small electronics , home goods, apparel, decor, HBA, and so much more! Unboxing your pallet will be a time you’ll never forget with finds for the entire family! 

Your box will usually have about 5x cost in Retail Value so sometimes they can be great for resellers but we like to look at our unboxing as a good time with great surprises for the entire family! 

Keep in mind this is liquidated merchandise and we are shipping it to you without being able to QC the contents. This box was sealed at the facility Which liquidated the merchandise, so we have honestly never seen the inside of your box.  This being the case we can not offer refunds or exchanges on mystery boxes.