NERF Walkie Talkies for Kids by Sakar | Powerful 1000ft Range, Speakers, Rugged Design, Battery Powered, Outdoor Toys for Boys and Girls (Gray, Blue, & Orange)

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Product Description Need a fun and functional companion to all your NERF guns and accessories? The NERF Walkie Talkies for kids are the ultimate addition to any serious NERF players collection! Our walkie talkies provide high quality long ranged communication for up to 1000ft, giving you the range and sound quality you need to communicate quickly and effectively with teammates. The easy-to-use design keeps these devices simple, giving kids as young as 5 the ability to instantly pick up and start using these fun accessories. The walkie talkies also come with a built-in belt clip, giving you perfect mobility with your NERF rifles without having to sacrifice a free hand to receive calls. This walkie talkie set is great for trips to the park, playing in the woods, camping, or anywhere you want to play while still keeping in touch with friends, teammates, and parents. The extensive listening range makes it great for outdoor play and perfect for your next adventure, and the unique Morse code button allows you to send coded messages to one another, stopping enemy players from knowing your plans! Whether you need long ranged walkie talkies for adventures through the outdoors or rugged NERF accessories for hardcore missions, it doesn’t get much better than the NERF walkie talkie set for kids! Requires two 9-Volt Batteries (not included). From the Manufacturer Keep your friends in close communication with the Nerf 2-piece walkie talkie set! It includes two walkie talkies with a listening range of 1000 feet. Each walkie talkie features a sporty design with a built-in clip on the back and a side on/off trigger, there's also a Morse code button on the front. The Nerf 2-Piece Walkie Talkie Set includes: two walkie talkies with a listening range of 1000 feet. Built-in clip on the back side, on/off trigger, Morse code button on front. User manual included. Requires one 9V battery per walkie talkie (not included) and suitable for play for Ages 5 and up. With simple beginnings forty years ago as an orange foam ball, NERF is not only now a key player in action based performance toys but also transcends the toy aisle as a lifestyle brand for kids and adults alike. Whether its working with some of the most notable athletes of the day, sponsoring the Dew Tour with the NERF DART TAG World Championships or bringing a no-holds barred blaster experience to the video game environment, Hasbro, Inc's NERF brand continues to redefine both the sports and toy world.


  • CONQUER YOUR NERF RIVALS: Need the perfect companion to your NERF guns and other outdoor kid toys? The NERF Walkie Talkies for kids are the ultimate spy gear for anyone that loves our NERF guns for boys and girls, as well as a great two way radio for any outdoor exploration or operation game. With a 1000ft range and rugged sports design, our walkie talkies long range and durability makes them fantastic walkie talkies for adults and children alike!
  • POWERFUL WALKIE TALKIES: Our kids walkie talkies are simple but powerful, making them great toys for 6-9 year old boys and girls interested in toy guns or other outdoor toys for kids. Perfect for any NERF sniper or fan of high quality army toys, our 2 way radios are more than just kid toys. Whether you need long range walkie talkies for adults and children or handheld radios to use alongside NERF elite gear, our walkie talkies have you covered!
  • FUN KIDS TOYS: The child and adult toys that can give anyone an edge during a NERF blaster fight, our radios walkie talkies are built to withstand the roughhousing of your average NERF operation game for kids. The built-in belt clip allows you to keep your NERF accessories safe while handling your NERF rifles or other toy guns for boys and girls, giving you fun and practical kids stuff that’s perfect for outside games for kids 6-9.
  • EASY & SAFE: NERF walkie talkies make for the perfect kids camping gear or small toys for kids interested in outdoor exploration, giving you easy-to-use outdoor toys for kids 5-8 and older. A great companion for NERF gun snipers and other NERF targeting gear, our walkie talkies are fantastic for outdoor missions and covert operations. They even have morse-code functionality, giving you even more options for approaching your NERF missions!