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NETEL Extendable Microwave Oven Rack, Adjustable Microwave/Toaster Shelf Heavy Duty Stand Kitchen Counter Top Organizer, 2-Tier with 4 Hooks, 55lbs Weight Capacity,Black

NETEL is a home brand that specializes in kitchen storage, focusing on providing customers with high-quality home furnishings with design and materials. Committed to providing a comfortable quality of life for every family, the products are loved by consumers. Feature: 1. This is a Multi-purpose corner counter shelf,which not only saves you more space, but also can bear a lot of weight. A good microwave oven holder not only makes you feel more comfortable, but also makes your kitchen cleaner. 2. Multi-function and multi-scene application: it can be used in the kitchen to store appliances such as ovens, microwaves, etc., on the top can be placed dishes, sauce bottles, air fryer, electric kettle, and other small appliances; can be used in the office, as a printer and fax machine storage rack; can be used in the bedroom, Place small potted plants. 3. Microwave counter stand keep your essentials organized and tidy, bear heavyweight, detailed edge design, not hurt the hand, easy to clean. 4 . Material of the microwave oven rack, is made of metal material. It is durable, not easy to be deformed, and it is lacquered and not easy to rust. 5. Convenient and reasonable organization, this microwave stand with storage can be extended horizontally and height-adjustable to meet most of the storage needs of kitchen oven racks 6 . Simply DIY.