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Obcursco 20L Jet Ski Anchor Kit PWC Anchor 2 in 1 Sand Bag Anchor for Float with Adjustable Buoy, PWC Sandbag Anchor for Jetski, Kayak, Seadoo, Paddle Board, Waverunner, Watercraft, and Swim Mat

Obcursco dry bag sand anchor uses smart and lightweight design to overcome traditional anchors weakness. Most of old class anchor was made by metal for example zinc alloy, stainless steel, cast iron. This kind of anchor is super heavy and hard to storage.

In that, Obcursco design team uses 500D PVC lightweight dry bag combines with durable PE dock line to build an innovation anchor for Jet Ski, PWC and kayak. Comparing with tradition metal anchor, Obcursco 2 In 1 dry bag anchor is multipurpose, lightweight, easily to storage, wide use and convenient to use.


Bottom empty strap design can quickly empty sand inside dry bag.

Rust-proof 316 stainless steel clip on each end. Perfect for fresh and salt water.

Durable 500D PVC dry bag can maximum hold up 50lbs sand, rock and gravel.

Foam composite buoy on one end for easy retrieval and clearly points out location.

1/2"diameter, 12' long braided polyurethane rope is suitable for water depth 10ft lake or ocean.

Package Includes:

1x 20L Dry Bag

1x Green and Yellow Anchor Rope with Buoy