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OBTANIM 4 Rolls Foam Underwrap Bandage Pre-Wrap Sports Tape for Athletic Elbow Knees Ankles, Latex Free (Skin Color, Black, Blue, Red)


- Material: PU sponge
- Size: 2.76 inch * 30 yd

Packaging includes

- 4 Rolls Foam Underwrap Stretchable Bandage Pre Wrap

- Suitable for the bottoming protection of all kinds of sports tapes and sports protective gears before use.

- Before using the skin membrane, be sure to clean the skin surface and keep the skin dry, when removing the tape, remove it slowly and try to avoid skin discomfort.

- Suitable for all sports. Such as basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, tennis, cycling, mountaineering, etc

- It should be used together with sports tape, intramuscular effect and other stickers

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