OTTOLIVES Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit, 24 in 1 Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Set Newborn Nursery Health Care Set for Newborn Infant Toddlers Baby Boys Girls Kids (0-3 Years+) (Upgrade Green)

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👼OTTOLIVES baby healthcare and grooming kit is specially designed for the daily health and beauty of babies aged 0-3 or older. Our products are made of high-quality stainless steel and plastic materials that are in line with human health. At the same time, our products are ergonomically designed and can be used safely without damaging the baby's tender skin and nails. Select comprehensive daily baby care kit, provide a more intimate care for newbron infants babies. 📜 Specifications: Color: Green Size: 12.6*7.9*1.7 inches Package Weight: 340g. Targeting Group: 0-3 years old or above. Season: All. Material: High-quality stainless steel & High-quality ABS plastic. 🎁 Package includes: 1 x Hair Comb 1 x Hair Brush 1 x Tweezer 1 x Nail Clipper 1 x Nasal Aspirator 1 x Finger Toothbrush 1 x Round-tip Scissor 1 x Medicine Dropper 1 x Digital Thermometer 1 x Electric Nail Trimmer 6 x Nail File 7 x Trimmer Attachments(6 Grinding Heads & 1 Matte Nail File) 1 x Tote Case ✅ The benefits of choosing OTTOLIVES baby healthcare and grooming kit: 1. The 24 in 1 complete set of equipment can meet the baby's daily care needs. 2. Choose high-quality stainless steel materials and high-quality ABS plastic to protect your baby's sensitive and fragile skin. 3. Baby health kit equipped with a portable tote case, light and easy to carry, can be carried at home or out. 💕This baby care products is an ideal auxiliary tool for baby's daily activities such as baby grooming sets , baby nail kit, baby thermometer kit, and baby first aid kit. It can provide you and your baby with a more friendly nursing experience, so that the baby can receive daily beauty care more docilely.


  • 👼[Fully Equipped 24-Piece Baby Kit] OTTOLIVES baby grooming set includes a set of newborn electric nail trimmers, 6 nail files, 7 trimmer attachments, nail clipper, round-tip scissors, hair combs, hair brushes, nasal aspirator, finger toothbrush, tweezer, medicine dropper and tote case. This is a set of daily necessities for newborn babies.
  • 👨🏻‍🔬[ergonomic design] 1. Comfortable silicone finger toothbrush, clean baby's teeth and tongue. 2. Anti-backflow nasal aspirator, small and flexible tip is more suitable for baby's nose. 3. Nail clipper with stabilizer measure makes nail safer and faster. 4. The dropper sucks medicine more accurately. 5. Gentle care brushes and baby combs can bring comfort to the baby. 6. Intimate R-shaped round-head scissors to avoid damaging the skin and make it safer.
  • 👪[8 in 1 Electric Baby Nail Clippers Set] OTTOLIVES newborn grooming kit is equipped with 1 electric nail trimmer and 7 trimmer attachments (6 grinding heads & 1matte nail files) The 6 grinding heads can satisfy the nail repair of babies at different ages without damaging the delicate epidermis or nail bed. In addition, this is also suitable for adults.
  • 🛡️[Safe & Lightweight & Ideal Baby Gift] OTTOLIVES Baby grooming kit made of high-quality stainless steel and ABS high-quality plastic, BPA-free plastic, provide the best care for babies. Convenient zipper tote case, easy to organize and carry, suitable for home travel. Baby grooming kit is perfect baby shower gift, Christmas and birthday gift🎁
  • ✅[Friendly & Reliable Customer Service] You can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about products and services, please feel free to contact us, OTTOLIVES will serve you wholeheartedly within 24 hours, and we promise to solve any problems for you.