PAWBEE Cat Window Perch - Super-Sturdy Cat Window Hammock - Extra-Strong Screw Knob Suction Cups - Comfy Plush Cushion Cat Hammock - Strong Steel Wires for Hanging - cat Perch Holds Up to 25lbs

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YOUR FURBALL WON’T GET ENOUGH OF ITAesthetic ComfortTransform your fur-baby’s favorite spot by the window into an ultra-cozy nook! Meet our cat window perch – comfy goodness your feline friend won’t stop purring about. Now your kitty will be able to sunbathe like royalty, watch birds in superior comfort, and nap while floating about in cloud nine. And for next-level comfort, we’ve included a plush pillow, padded to cuddle-friendly extremes. Tie it down to the window perch, sit back, and watch your cat lounge in pure bliss.Experience the Difference This isn’t just any window hammock. It doesn’t easily break as others do. It doesn’t have flimsy suction cups that easily pop out, or nylon rope that degrades in the sunlight. It doesn’t make your heart skip a beat whenever your pet jumps onto the perch. We’ve combined top-notch materials to create a cat hammock that confidently holds pets up to 25lbs. This means the strength to support that hefty kitty, multiple kittens, or 2 medium-sized cats.Here’s what makes our perch extra-sturdy:- Features a strong ABS plastic frame that’s easy to assemble.- The floor is made of thick mesh that is tear-resistant.- Has 4 extra-strong suction cups that measure a large 3.5”.- Held up with 30” of strong steel wire; not rope like others.- The top suction cups have additional screw knobs for better stability.Go ahead, give your furry buddy a window perch they’ll simply relish!


  • BUILT TO BE STURDY - Give your furball the perch of their dreams with a cat window hammock that exemplifies sturdiness. We’ve combined a sturdy plastic frame, 4 extra-strong suction cups, strong steel wires, and additional screw knobs on the top suction cups to create a cat perch that stays put all through.
  • COMFORT THEY’LL LOVE - Brace yourself for a stream of happy purrs. Each cat window seat comes with an ultra-comfy plush cushion for cozy goodness as your kitty soaks up the view. The cushion is removable for easy cleaning and can be tied down with a rope for added safety.
  • COMPLEMENT YOUR SPACE - Unlike other cat hammocks for indoor cats that are a complete eyesore, we’ve designed ours with minimalist elegance in mind. With a neutral touch of color and clean lines, our space-saving window cat bed ushers beauty into your space.
  • ASSEMBLY MADE EASY - You’ll have the cat perch for indoor cats set up in no time. For a firm hold, thoroughly clean and dry your window, and soften the suction cups in warm water for half a minute before sticking them. Do this, and the perch will support cats up to 30lbs with ease.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - On the hunt for the perfect gift for cat lovers? A thoughtful present for that feline fanatic? This cat window shelf makes the perfect treat. It measures 21.5” x 12”; so, no matter your recipient’s space, this beauty will fit. Go ahead, make anyone smile!