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PetHse Dog Puzzle Toys, Interactive Training Toy Box, Slow Feeder Food Dispenser for Pets, Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment

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You can adjust the screw that backside the puzzle box to control the slider easily moving or difficultly for higher level to dogs.
When the slider become easily fall off after a long time playing ,you can screw the screw tighter to resolve the problem .
We also supply extra 2 pcs sliders as spare, for the situation of missing or broken ,make sure the toy can used for longer time .
Our Level 2 puzzle toy is suitable for puppy,small dogs and cats .If your pets are very smart,recommend to buy a higher lavel toy . GREAT FEATURES :
Fun treating
easy clean
puzzle toy
slow feederPuzzle Game
The sliders are all easily to move by pets' feet and nose.
The difficulty level is medium, suitable for treat hunters.
Help eliminate boredom, prevent dog anxiety and reduce stress.
Provide mental stimulation to help keep the dog's brain alert and improve IQ.
Make your dog more busy and lively, and reduce destructive behavior.
Hide the snacks, look at your puppy's paws, and nose them to reveal their prize.
Improve the relationship with the dogs by rewarding them treats he loves. Why do pets need puzzle toys?
Improve IQ and cognitive ability: This pet puzzle toy provides mental stimulation, keeps the mind alert and increases its IQ.
Use challenge game toys to help reduce boredom, prevent pet anxiety, and provide pets with great stress relief.
Jigsaw toys are suitable for pets, making them busier, more lively and reducing their destructive behavior.
Pet toy is a problem-solving skill, it is a fun puzzle toy, suitable for dogs and cats who need more challenges.
Interesting jigsaw puzzles have built-in toy components, and moving puzzles will not hurt dogs and cats.
The durable material helps to play for a long time. Package instruction:
Size: 9.44" * 1.14" (diameter * height)
Dog educational toy*1
Color packing box*1