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Pint of Blood; Halloween, Vampire Blood; 16 Oz, Package may vary

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Still scrummaging the internet for the perfect costume blood recipe? Spare yourself the hassle of concocting the most believable prop for your scary character. Leave it to the experts; leave it to us!

Kangaroo Vampire Fake Blood can make your costume or performance more realistic and impactful for your audience. Don the most realistic Halloween garb and win that award, or turn your performance into a scream fest.

Realistic Scenes : Fake tongue fake blood can turn a prank into sure success. Fake gun fake blood can make a lot of bawls out of the highlight scene. Fake chainsaws with fake blood and noise can give you sleepless nights!

Realistic Characters :Vampire blood? Fake blood makeup? Fake guns with fake blood on Halloween? Design realistic blood costumes with a combination of your creativity and convincing props like the Kangaroo Fake Blood for Skin.

From color to flow, make performances more believable with the Kangaroo Fake Blood. Gushing, splattering, and spraying blood should not look like a paintball challenge.