PONDFORSE Mini Aquarium Heater 50W Submersible Fish Tank Heater with Digital LED Temperature Display Adjustable External Temperature Controller for Turtle Fish Tank (50W)

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  • PONDFORSE Aquarium Heater:50 watt submersible fish tank heater, voltage: 110~120V, suitable for use in 2-10 gallon fish and turtles tanks and aquariums. Attention: please ensure the heater is fully submerged into water.
  • Run-dry & Memories Function:PONDFORSE fish tank heater adapts updated technology, with run-dry function. While the heater is out of water without pulling out the plug, the power of our aquarium heater will be automatically cut off, ensuring secure operation. The heater is also designed with memories function. Once the heater is installed back into the water, it will recover the preset temp and there is no need of resetting.
  • Digital LED Temperature Display:Digital led temperature display shows the real-time temperature and error code on the screen. External temperature controller, abandoning the control knob on the top of the heater rob that have to put your hand into the water. The adjustable temp ranges from 63℉~95℉. and the accuracy is about±1℉.
  • Automatic Shut-off:The heater features built-in smart chip. After your desired temperature is set, the light is on red on the screen. Once the temperature is beyond the set temperature, it will immediately stop heating, minimizing the security risks.
  • High-efficient & Durable:Nickel-chromium wire heating tube, heating the water by emitting heat by the nickle-chromium wire, long heat diffusion distance, high speed of heat transfer. It is made of high quality quartz-glass, abs plastic material, featuring of quick heating, shatter-resistant and power saving. The edge of the heater is not sharp and prevents your pet fish from hurt.