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Pot Rack Organizer -Expandable Pot and Pan Organizer for Cabinet,Pot Lid Organizer Holder with 10 Adjustable Compartment for Kitchen Cabinet Cookware Baking Frying Rack

Are you still struggling with how to organize all your pots and pans, Lids?
Let's say goodbye to the messy kitchen.
A simple kitchen organizer can help you solve your kitchen organization and storage problem.

The package includes
10 brackets + 2 bases + 8 silicone feets

separate pot & pan lid organizer
Length: 11.8 inches
Width: 7 inches
Height: 7 inches
Expandable large combination pot rack
Length: 22.8 inches
Width: 7 inches
Height: 7 inches

Durable and long-lasting quality
This pot rack is made of high-quality bronze-coated heavy iron. Healthy and safe materials will not affect your body, and it not only provides a stable support for heavy pots without deformation, but also prevents rust, safer use, and more convenient daily cleaning. n addition, we also give 8 pieces of non-slip silicone pad, which can be installed at the bottom to protect our cabinet countertops from scratches.

Accommodate your all sizing needs
10 adjustable brackets, It is fully adjustable between 11.8 inch to 22.8 inch in length, you can freely adjust the interval according to the size of your pot and pan, providing ultra flexible storage, allowing storage all your cookware in one rack. Store up to 9 pots and pans safely and tidily.

Sturdy support
The U-shaped bracket of the professional pan organization and storage is specially designed for most pan and pan lid racks, which can provide firm support for our pot lid racks. The lid can be fixed in place without worrying about falling. Easy to install
You only need to easily pull out the base, and then insert the partition into the slot. In addition, we will also have an installation manual attached to it. Even a child can install it in a few minutes. So you don't need to feel anxious about installation. Satisfactory service
We provide one-year free warranty service.