PS Direct Hardware Cloth - 48 Inch x 50 Foot Multipurpose Galvanized Mesh – 1/2 Inch Square Openings, Great for Chicken Coop, Gutter Guard, Animal Control and Garden Use, 19 Gauge, 1 Roll

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48 inch wide x 50 foot length Hardware Cloth with 1/2 Inch square mesh 19 Gauge Galvanized steel for long life


  • 1/2-inch hardware cloth, ideal for fencing for flower beds, trees, vegetable gardens, and a gutter guard as well. Ideal as chicken wire and fencing to keep out animals like squirrels, rabbits, rats, hawks, raccoons, skunks, foxes and other unwanted pests.
  • This heavy duty hardware cloth is galvanized for Maximum Durability and corrosion resistance. Galvanization after machine welding ensures every weld is protected for the best performance and longest life. Strong 19 gauge wire provides optimal strength but is not too stiff to be able to conform to desired shape such as a tree guard.
  • Multi-purpose and can be used for animal control, tree guards, screen doors, gutter guards, cages, craft projects, gardening, tunneling animals, vegetables, raised garden beds, and security. Can be cut with tin snip, wire cutter, or hack saw then formed into shape.
  • With 1/2-inch holes, it is very effective at keeping rodents and small animals out and your rabbits or chickens safe, as well as your garden fruits, vegetables and any flowers or other plants. In certain areas, some animals may burrow below the ground so before installing, dig a shallow trench to ensure that it provides underground protection.
  • Extend the coverage/protection of existing barries such as chain-link fences with the small 1/2 inch opening of this hardware cloth. It can be cut and placed at the bottom of existing fences and other protective barriers to keep out rabbits, chipmunks and other unwanted pests.