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Queen/Full/Full-XL Foam Mattress Vacuum Bag for Moving, Vacuum Seal Mattress Bag with Straps

Whether you are moving to a new home or packing mattresses for storage, our Storage Logic queen/full/full-xl mattress vacuum bag got you covered. Rolled up compressed mattress can fit in a car/back of SUV/top of your car. Our mattress vacuum seal bag adopts thick & durable premium grade PA+PE heavy duty material. The mattress cover prevents punctures. Step-By-Step Instruction: 1. Slip the mattress inside the vacuum bag. Remove all bedding from the mattress and clear your work area. 2. Slide the zip slider from end-to-end at least 2 times. 3. Vacuum the Mattress: Use any general-purpose vacuum cleaner to compress the mattress. After the vacuum cleaner machine is turned on, the bag will shrink as the air is removed. 4. Roll the Mattress: Roll your compressed mattress from one side to the end. Tips: Please make sure to place the valve on top of the mattress while vacuum. Do not drag/slide bag after vacuuming the mattress to avoid damage. Be ware of sharp items that could damage the mattress vacuum bag.