RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit Jacket Multi Layer SFI 3.2A/ 5 Black 2X-Large 121007

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The RaceQuip 121 series multi-layer driving jacket is made up of an outer layer of durable Pyrovatex FRC, backed by a layer of Nomex, then lined by another layer of Pyrovatex. Pyrovatex offers the maximum combination of overall flame and heat protection, durability and comfort for the price. This FRC material retains the softness and breathability of cotton and will wick away moisture from the skin. Pyrovatex fabric is gentle and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin. The treatment process leaves the exterior surface shiny and supple. Since the Pyrovatex process combines a chemical agent with the raw cotton fibers to create a bond at the molecular level, with proper care; the garment will retain its flame retardant properties beyond the useful life of the garment. All driving jackets are assembled with heavy-duty, multi-needle, over-lock safety stitch machines to provide exceptional seam strength. All driving jackets feature a high quality, heavy duty Nomex backed brass zipper on FR tape installed for a more secure front opening. Stylish contrasting armband stripes on the driving jacket matches the full-length leg stripes on RaceQuip driving pants. The black accents feature a high-back collar and arm cuffs, give RaceQuip driving jackets a unique look and style. Add to this the pleated back panel for freedom of movement and you have a multi-layer driving jacket that provides an outstanding value. Exceeds SFI 3.2A/5 specs with a TPP rating of 25. Available in Black with White stripes and also in Red or Blue with Black stripes. Manufactured in sizes Small - 3X-Large.


  • SFI 3.2A / 5 Rated (Tags Affixed); Shiny Pyrovatex FRC Outer Layer; TPP Rating of 25
  • Fresh, Stylish Design; Black Epaulets & High Back Collar
  • Contrasting Stripes; Black Wrist Cuffs
  • Brass Nomex Backed Zipper; Pleated Back Panel for Flexibility
  • Middle Layer is Nomex; Liner is Soft, Durable Pyrovatex FRC