Scepter 08669 Rectangular Fuel Tank - 12 Gallon Low Profile,Red

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Smart. Trusted. Best-in-class. Scepter Marine is your one-source solution for innovative fuel tank technology. We've revolutionized the marine industry standards for topside fuel tanks, providing engineered solutions that look and perform better than any other fuel tanks available. Scepter is the global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative and high-quality marine tanks like this 12 gallon low profile marine fuel tank. Made from multi-layer HDPE for maximum durability. Equipped with Scepter's 2 way vented cap; This automatic air inflow valve system allows air to enter tank during operation and pressure to be released above 5 psi. Scepter tanks are built to last. Caution: Tank swelling will occur. EPA regulations have eliminated the traditional venting in these tanks. New portable outboard marine fuel tanks will not vent below 5 PSI with noticeable swelling. The new EPA compliant cap will cause the portable outboard marine fuel tanks to swell. The swelling is a result of the fuel vapor building pressure, because the cap must stay sealed up to 5 PSI. The new tanks have been tested to remain sealed and safe at these pressures even when swelling is visible. Certifications: EPA: 40 CFR 1060 Fed Emissions Regulation; ABYC H-25 (2016) – Portable Marine Gasoline Fuel Systems; ASTM 2517-17 Child Safety; 40 CFR 1500


  • Molded from UV stabilized, high density polyethylene for long life
  • 1/4 npt fuel pick-up/sight gauge accepts Standard marine tank fittings
  • Automatic Air inflow valve/fuel cap System
  • Ethanol and alcohol compliant