Second Skin Thermal Block - Automotive Heat Shield - Reflective Aluminum, Insulation & Adhesive (2 sq ft, 1 Sheet) - Made in USA

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Second Skin Thermal Block is an aluminum faced, OEM approved heat shield. Temperature rated to 800 F with easy peel and stick installation makes it an ideal solution for a car hood, firewall, or various thermal hot spots on your vehicle. Always face the 98% reflective surface towards the heat source with a recommended 2” of air space.


  • ALUMINUM HEAT SHIELD: Thermal Block is an OEM approved, 1/8” thick, 98% reflective aluminum heat shield backed by PET fibers and a peel and stick adhesive. Each sheet is 2 sq ft (1' x 2').
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: This foil radiant barrier weighs 0.175 lbs / sq ft and is treated for resistance to water, solvents, mildew, gas/oil, coolant, engine fluid, and fire (passes FMVSS 302).
  • CAR HEAT SHIELD: Thermal Block heat shield insulation is rated to 800 F and flexible enough to conform to various curvatures and shapes. Reduces temperatures on hot side of application surface by 100 to 200 F depending on the specific application.
  • QUICK FIX FOR THERMAL HOT SPOTS: Use behind exhaust pipe runs or as an underbody heat shield for the muffler or catalytic converter. Apply to fuel tank, fuel line, brake line, spare tire, and anywhere else with heat issues.