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Sharpty Plastic Hangers Clothes Hangers for Clothing, Closet, Coats & Shirts - Heavy Duty, Thick, Tough & Space Saving - for Everyday Standard Use, Room Essentials & Basics - 20 Pack - White

Spruce up your closet with Sharpty Plastic Clothes Hangers! This value pack of 20 comes with plastic clothing hangers that are designed to provide maximum support. These hangers are heavy duty, reinforced with plastic edges, and have two hooks to keep ties, loops, belts, and other clothing accessories together. The versatile size measures 16 inches and these plastic hangers are flexible and durable enough to hold shirts, blouses, suits, pants, ties, dresses, and more. Additionally, these hangers are made to last. With Sharpty Plastic Clothes Hangers, you will create an organized place where you can easily 'pick and wear' fashion pieces without going through chaos! Order this value pack of 20 white plastic hangers today to see the difference.