Skateboarding Training -Balancing Exercise Fitness Equipment & Wall DecorFlowBoard Wooden Balance Board Trainer - Roller Board for Snowboard, Surf, Hockey, Skateboarding Training -Balancing Exercise Fitness Equipment & Wall DecorFlowBoard Wooden Balance

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Flow Board Why you should choose FlowBoardThe FlowBoard is not just another normal balance board, it’s the first, and the only one, that you can hang on the wall in your house as a wall décor. And with its beautiful graphic on it, you would love to do it.FlowBoard Is much more than a balance board, it’s a lifestyle. Family timeFlowBoard is the best way to improve your balance while having so much fun with your family, your lover, and the kids.You can use it outdoors while traveling with your family or in your living room on cold and rainy days. Improve your skillsUse Flowbaord to improve your surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and really any sport that demands coordination, stability, and balance.In addition to having fun and chilling with the FlowBoard, you may also use it to workout, practice yoga, and many more. Injury recoveringIts recommend using the FlowBoard for knee injuries, back injuries and more. DevelopmentOur engineers and designers work hard to develop the perfect product for you.We use birch wood, which is light and strong.On one hand, it is very durable and can carry a lot of weight, and on the other side, it is lightweight for carrying it to the beach or to the park.We chose the perfect size to make the Flowboard the most functional balance board, use it both indoors and out, and wall hang it as a wall décor.We want you to join the FlowBoard family! We know you will love it!