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Skywin Pee Pad Holder Tray for 30 x 23 Training Pads, Silicone Wee Wee Pad Holder, No Spill and Leaks Puppy Pad Holder Easy to Clean and Store Dog Pad Holder (Grey)

Bid your goodbye to constant floor mopping caused by foul-smell leaks, stains, shredded pee pads, and pee everywhere because SKYWIN PEE PAD HOLDER offers a solution. A durable, lightweight, and made of 100% soft and leak-proof silicone material that provides extra protection than using a single pee pad that leaks when exceeds three cups of liquid. Value an easy to roll up pee pad holder when not in use and take along on a trip. It is the embodiment of ease and a stress-free day for you and your dog!