SOCTKE Immersion Water Heater,2000W Submersible Portable Electric Heaters with 304 Stainless-Steel Guard Cover Home Instant Bucket Heater for Small Inflatable Pool Bathtub Travel Camping

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  • Immediate Heating: Immersion Water Heater has a rated power of 2000W, which can quickly heat 5 gallons of water. Typically takes 2 minutes to heat from 77°F to 180°F, It has a porous design with good thermal conductivity.High-quality energy-saving equipment
  • Rust Proof Stainless-steel Guard: With ABS outer and 304 anti-rust stainless steel guard,it is rust proof and durable, Effectively to prevent the heating element is in direct contact with the human body,Avoid direct burns, more secure protection,The holes on the guard dissipates heat into the water faster.
  • Simple Operation:Put the immersion water heater completely into the container of water. The water level is higher than the power indicator.plug portable water heater into a properly grounded 120V AC outlet,When working normally, the indicator light is always on.Come with a digital LCD thermometer, easy to measure water temperature.
  • Precautions:1.The heater needs to be completely immersed in water in working condition! 2.Please do not use it for more than 3 hours continuously! 3. More than 2 water heaters are needed for heating at the same time, please do not plug the two heaters into the same outlet to avoid fire hazards! 4.The power must be disconnected before taking out the water heater! 5.The water heater just finished working is very hot, please do not touch the stainless steel part.
  • Wide Application: Portable water heater can be used in water, especially fit for heating water in container like bucket, basin, bath tub, mini inflatable swimming pool, etc.Perfect for travels and camping and winter time job such as car washing, heat your farm animals’ water