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Stanbroil Graphite Impregnated Fiberglass Rope Seal Gasket Replacement for Wood Stoves - 1" x 84"

Diameter: 1”; Dia: 84"
Color: grey black
Rated to 1000°F

★ Graphite impregnated stove gasket is more abrasion resistant and less likely to get stuck to creosote ensuring a better and more consistent air tight seal.
★ Engineered to provide superior sealing, protection, and longevity when compared to other materials.
★ Replace your old, worn out gasket in your fireplace, or wood, pellet, or coal stove door to restore it's efficiency and safety.

Be sure stove is cold.
Wear protective gloves and eye protection.
Protect work area with a drop cloth.
Use a scraper to remove old gasket and clean door channels down to bare metal.
Apply a bead of gasket cement in door channel.
Press new gasket into wet cement and close door to check for airtight fit.
Trim gasket as needed.
Clean up all cement spills or excess immediately with wet cloth.